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French windows from Poland

Elegant and functional

Wooden French windows

The most common profile in France with a traditional drainage, “gueule de loup”, wooden drip and optional traditional “Cremona” or “Espagnolette” closure.


In our offer you can find French wooden windows that combine elegant design with high durability. French style profile frames give your windows a distinct look. This is your investment for years, which not only provides comfort, but also adds aesthetic value to the interior.
This type of windows is dedicated mostly to the French market.

French style profile – “Gueule de loup”

Custom made windows to France from Poland
designed individually to meet your needs.

Projekt architektoniczny - na zamówienie

Our french wooden windows are customized and produced on individual order. You will get a product that meets your needs – following your design, photo or architectural drawing.

About the product

Technical specification

Types of closures for French windows

Historical “Cremona” and ” Espagnolette” closures can still be found today in old Parisian apartments and in major French cities.


A traditional French window locking mechanism in which the movement of the knob activates a vertical rod set that is mounted along the entire length of the window wing. When the knob is turned, the rods unlock and then are locked when the knob goes back into its resting position.


It is similar to the “Cremona” locking mechanism with the difference that instead of a knob, we have a characteristic lever. Its movement causes the rotation of the rod, which at each end has hooks that engage into fittings on the window frame.

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose a ‘’Cremona’’ or ‘’Espagnolette’’ locking mechanism for French windows. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages.

Available options:

  • profile thickness – 68 mm,
  • profile thickness – 72 mm,
  • wooden or metal drip caps on window sashes,
  • wooden-aluminium windows.
  • double glass,
  • triple glass,
  • filled with an inert gas,
  • acoustic insulation,
  • safety and security glass (burglar-proof systems)
  • security bolts,
  • microventilation,
  • handle-rotation blocking mechanism,
  • handle operated brake.
  • whole range of RAL colours


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