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Aluminium windows from Poland

Elegant and durable

Aluminium windows

Long-lasting and energy-efficient aluminium windows with Ponzio profiles. Aluminium windows have long been used in office buildings and industrial facilities. With the implementation of modern production techniques, they have now become a popular solution for homes and apartments.


We offer aluminium windows in frame thickness that ranges from 50mm to 93mm. Aluminium profile systems are available with and without thermal break – the choice of the profile depends on the type of window (window, glass facade, conservatory) and has an influence on thermal parameters of the window.

Custom made windows
designed individually to meet your needs.

Projekt architektoniczny - na zamówienie

Our aluminium windows are customized and produced on individual order. You will get a product that meets your needs – following your design, photo or architectural drawing.

About the product

Technical specification

Trendy and minimalist look. Perfect thermal parameteres. Top choice of the architects and designers.

Multi-chamber structure of Ponzio aluminium profiles ensure high structural stiffness and energy efficiency.

Stylish aluminium profiles are a proven solution for modern spaces. Large-scale glazing, balcony, terrace windows, facades and more.

Available options:

  • profile thickness – 50mm to 93mm,
  • possibility of making arch structures,
  • possibility of making smokeproof and fireproof structures,
  • wide variety of corner joints.
  • double glass,
  • triple glass,
  • filled with an inert gas,
  • acoustic insulation,
  • safety and security glass (burglar-proof systems)
  • security bolts,
  • microventilation,
  • handle-rotation blocking mechanism,
  • handle operated brake.
  • whole range of RAL colours

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