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Glass partition walls for lofts from Poland

Glass partitions walls with glazing bars

Steel partition walls

Steel and glass partition walls are the designer-approved solution that will divide the space of your home or office without closing it off. Slim steel profiles and glass panes will create a modern industrial interior and attract people’s eyes.


Proven steel profile systems for glass partition walls – perfect for apartments, lofts and tenement houses.

Custom made steel partition walls from Poland designed individually
to meet your needs!

Projekt architektoniczny - na zamówienie

Our steel and glass partition walls are customized and produced on individual order. You will get a product that meets your needs – following your design, photo or architectural drawing.

About the product

Technical specification

Steel and glass partition walls are perfect for dividing spaces, while creating attractive and functional rooms.

Give your home a sophisticated look by dividing a dining room and kitchen. Attract your contractors and visitors by inviting them to your modern all-glass office or conference room.

Steel and glass partition walls are a modern and appreciated solution which allows for an effective and economic division of space without disturbing the flow of light.

Lightweight glass walls will emphasize a unique character of your home or office.

Available options:

We offer steel and glass partition walls in profile thickness that ranges from 40mm to 70mm. The choice of profile is dependent on the size of the partition wall and its additional elements (windows, doors).

  • acoustic insulation,
  • safety glass.
  • whole range of RAL colours.

Our steel and glass partition walls are customized and produced on individual order. Windows and doors of any size and method of opening can be incorporated into the steel and glass wall system.

Loft partition walls

Learn about the advantages

Interior design evokes a lot of emotions, because everyone wants the end result to be stunning, functional and serve us well throughout the years. Steel partition walls with glazing are a perfect match for loft, industrial, minimalist and modern projects. They are an elegant and stylish choice. Glass allows free penetration of natural light, making the space well lit, bigger and balanced.

Loft partition walls help to seperate different zones in your home, mask noises and ensure thermal insulation. Due to the fact that steel is easy to process and shape, you can use them in difficult spaces, such as attics with slanted ceilings.

Glass partition walls made to order

Designed to meet your needs

Loft partition walls have muntins that typically come in black or white but are also available in a wide range of RAL and NCS colours. Our glass partition walls are made to individual order which allows you to decide on their profile thickness (from 40mm to 70mm) and functionality. Whether you need a classic steel partition wall, a loft wall with doors or a glass wall combined with a brick partition wall, we will design and make for you a product that will perfectly match your space.

Modern glass partition walls

Durable, stylish and safe

Glass partition walls with muntins are an extremely fashionable and popular alternative for brick, ceramic, silicate, cellular concrete and other types of walls.  They have an interesting design, modern look and suit almost any space.

Although they go best with loft and industrial styles, they will look great in any project. Our glass partition walls are safe, durable and can last for years.  The use of high quality materials and attention to detail ensure that they will please your eye for a long time.


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