High quality windows and doors. Durable and proven premium solutions.

About us

The philosophy of our company is luxury understood as

a state of rare but great comfort and elegance; a pleasure that is hard to get; something that is desired and expensive but not necessary

Oxford Dictionary 2018

Large glazing, multi-segment woodwork full of unconventional divisions, shapes and profiles?

Send us data and drawings – we will take care of technical arrangements and implementation from A to Z!


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We deliver windows all over Europe - we must be sure that they will reach you in perfect condition

Management Board

Piotr Nowacki - Prezes/CEO WoodSton

Piotr Nowacki

Founder / CEO

Founder and co-owner of WoodSton Sp. z o.o.
Founder and co-owner of a company that has been manufacturing luxury wooden windows and doors since 1996.

Experienced construction specialist, producer of wooden joinery. Focused on meeting the clients’ needs.

Graduate of International Relations at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

Doctoral candidate in International Economic Relations at Poznań University of Economics and Business.

Paweł Nowacki

Founder / CMO

Founder and co-owner of WoodSton Sp. z o.o.

Owner of Melonet Marketing Agency, performance marketing specialist.
Responsible for customer service and customer experience.

Graduate of Information Technology and Econometrics at Poznań University of Economics and Business.

Paweł Nowacki - członek zarządu WoodSton

What really counts

High quality materials

There are many factors contributing to the final effect – some people appreciate the design, while others value functionality. For us quality means:
  • fulfilling functional aspects of the product,
  • meeting design requirements,
  • offering solid and long-lasting products.
Wood and steel free from defects and adequately protected against negative external factors.
Proven and functional
Our products are equipped with high quality components from renown Germand and Swiss manufacturers.

Our mission

Choose ecological materials and natural interiors

We bring the most sophisticated architectural visions and individual ideas to reality. Our advisers will help you to make your dreams come true.

A wide range of products allows us to offer solutions that take into account such things as:

  • high quality and affordability,
  • customer satisfaction with the offer in comparison to that of the competitors,
  • customer satisfaction that effectively increases our advantages on the market

About the company

WoodSton is a family business established by Piotr Nowacki, founder and co-owner of a company that specializes in manufacturing luxury wooden windows and doors.

WoodSton is a company with Polish only capital. It delivers high quality window, door and floor solutions to clients from all over Europe.

Based on 25 years of experience in manufacturing and construction markets, WoodSton offers premium solutions for architectural and interior design projects.
With us you can:

  • implement non-standard window and door solutions,
  • combine a unique design with high thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • use professional advice,
  • faithfully reproduce the existing windows and doors.

The whole manufacturing process is supervised by qualified specialists with many years experience. With WoodSton you choose proven solutions for your home.

To meet customer demands, we have extended our product range with steel products and oak floors.

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