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Wooden windows from Poland

Beautiful by nature

Wooden windows

Classic elegance in a modern form. Wooden windows are a perfect solution for people who value beauty, functionality and care about the environment. Wood is a solid material that is used to build durable structures in any size or shape.


We offer windows in frame thickness of 68mm and 72 mm. Thermal performance of the window is dependent on the type of profile.

Custom made windows from Poland
designed individually to meet your needs.

Projekt architektoniczny - na zamówienie

Our wooden windows are customized and produced on individual order. You will get a product that meets your needs – following your design, photo or architectural drawing.

About the product

Technical specification

Classic elegance in a modern and durable form. We think of wooden windows as if they were furniture – they should be unique and durable. Wooden windows that fit every design.

Energy-efficient and burglar-proof windows respond to the aesthetic needs of each client. The unique grain pattern highlights the beauty of wooden windows. Wood has excellent thermal and sound insulation parameters that ensure comfort in your home.

The windows manufactured today can last for decades thanks to the use of proper drying and wood storage methods, a three-layer plywood and special impregnation techniques.

Modern methods of wood-processing and the use of components from renowned manufacturers ensure that your windows will stand the test of time and still be in perfect condition.

Available options:

  • profile thickness – 68 mm,
  • profile thickness – 72 mm,
  • wooden or metal drip caps on window sashes,
  • wooden-aluminium windows.
  • double glass,
  • triple glass,
  • filled with an inert gas,
  • acoustic insulation,
  • safety and security glass (burglar-proof systems)
  • security bolts,
  • microventilation,
  • handle-rotation blocking mechanism,
  • handle operated brake.
  • whole range of RAL colours


Learn about the advantages

Wooden windows combine natural design with modernity. Made of solid and durable material, wooden windows are a long-term option for your home. They are appreciated not only by those who search for modern window projects, but also those who value classic and functional products. Wooden windows have outstanding thermal insulating properties which makes them an economic choice. Our windows are made of glue laminated timber, double glazing, right gaskets and a proper installation.

An unquestionable advantage of wooden windows is a natural wood colour and a visible wood structure. Thanks to that, you can use them with various design styles – inside and outside the building. In addition to their aesthetic value, wooden windows are characterised by high elasticity. It is possible to make windows in various shapes, colours, finishes and with different possible functionalities.What is interesting is that wooden windows in large sizes look lighter than e.g. PVC windows.

When it comes to disadvantages, wooden windows have to be protected against moisture and water by applying varnish coatings. They are also a more expensive option as their production is more complicated and requires more time.


Tailor your windows to suit your tastes

Windows tailored to meet customers’ needs and perfect for a wide range of projects – from classic detached houses, villas, tenement houses to modern loft buildings. The visible structure of wood in window frames creates a natural atmosphere in the interior.

Our windows are available in a wide range of RAL colours to match your tastes and the aesthetics of the project. You can choose the type of profiles, drip caps, joinery and glazing. Among additional options we offer filling with noble gas (for increased thermal insulation), additional soundproofing, anti-burglary solutions, microventilation and handles with rotation lock.


Durability, safety and comfort

Excellent mechanical properties of wood make wooden windows look great for years. Due to its strength and resistance, wood is also a suitable choice for large-sized windows, even without any additional reinforcements.

In our offer you will find various types of wood, which is always carefully selected, properly dried, well impregnated and neatly painted. Thanks to that, wooden windows will delight your eye for years. Do you need help from our advisors? Contact us – we will answer all your questions and advise you on the right solution for you.


We deliver windows all over Europe - we must be sure that they will reach you in perfect condition

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