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PVC plastic windows from Poland

Modern and durable

Plastic windows

Durable and stable plastic windows based on GEALAN profiles. Opt for a new generation of plastic windows with high resistance to external factors, high stability and a smooth surface for easy maintenance.


Windows available with profiles from 74mm to 83mm in 5- or 6-chamber systems. Profile colours – from the entire RAL palette. Plastic windows in wood imitation veneer are also available.

Custom made plastic windows from Poland
designed individually to meet your needs.

Projekt architektoniczny - na zamówienie

Our plastic windows are customized and produced on individual order. You will get a product that meets your needs – following your design, photo or architectural drawing.

About the product

Technical specification

Modern plastic windows based on solid PVC profiles. The window frames and sashes ensure durable colour and smooth surface and thanks to the use of steel reinforcements, high rigidity and stability of the entire window structure.

The multi-chamber design of PVC windows means high thermal and acoustic insulation, which ensures comfort and saves money.

Opt for energy-efficient windows that work well in modern construction. Impressive, large format glazing adds value to your home.

Available options:

  • profile – cross-section from 74mm to 83mm,
  • 5- and 6-chamber systems,
  • 2 or 3 sealing lines per profile,
  • possibility of narrowing the profiles, which translates into more light in the house,
  • possibility of making curved structures,
  • many ways of making corner connections.
  • double glass,
  • triple glass,
  • filled with an inert gas,
  • acoustic insulation,
  • safety and security glass (burglar-proof systems)
  • security bolts,
  • microventilation,
  • handle-rotation blocking mechanism,
  • handle operated brake.
  • whole range of RAL colours,
  • veneers imitating wood, aluminium or steel structure.

PVC windows for the most demanding customers

Learn about the advantages

Are you looking for windows that best fit your project? PVC windows possess many functional features that make them perfectly suited to the requirements of most projects. PVC windows are a perfect fit for a wide range of building types – from a modern apartment building or a classic detached house to a loft-style house. A modern design and innovative technologies guarantee long service life, comfortable use and high energy efficiency.

PVC windows have good values of heat transfer coefficient – they are airtight which helps to reduce heating expenses. PVC windows are durable, resistant to mechanical damage and have good acoustic insulation. They are also easy to maintain, as they don’t require impregnation.

A wide range of options

Tailor-made PVC windows

Classic white PVC window frames seem to be the default choice for many homeowners, but they are not the only option. At WoodSton we offer you PVC windows in a full range of RAL colours, as well as a wide variety of veneers imitating wood, aluminium or steel which will blend in even better with the style of the building. There are a multitude of options that will help tp adapt window dimensions and shapes to your design. Your window will be just the way you want it.

Long-term use of PVC windows

Money saving, safe and comfortable in use

Our extensive experience in the industry has made us well aware of the requirements that our customers have when choosing plastic windows. They have to comfortable in use, reliable, safe and energy-efficient. We offer tailor-made PVC windows to meet our customers’ individual needs.

You can choose from a wide range of options that will make your windows last for years, such as anti-burglary bolts, microventilation, rotation lock which prevents windows from uncontrolled opening and closing, soundproofing, shatter-resistance, and thermal insulation with noble gas.


We deliver windows all over Europe - we must be sure that they will reach you in perfect condition

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  • type of glass unit

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