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We have already proven many times that products signed ‘Made in Poland’ are a top-shelf assortment in terms of quality. One such example is the windows and doors industry, in which we operate, and which has been continuously recording steady growth in sales, turnover, and popularity for many years.

How have specialists in the woodwork industry stolen the hearts of customers around the world? How much market growth have we seen over the past few years and is there anything to fear in the future?. We will try to answer all the above questions in the material that we have prepared. We will also present the most current market data to show the strength of Polish exporters in Europe.

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Why are Polish windows and doors so popular?

The graphic shows the value structure of EU woodwork exports in 2017. Poland’s share is the largest, at more than 22%. Source: https://poid.eu/2018/03/09/polska-niezmiennie-liderem-eksportu-wsrod-krajow-ue/, ASM – Center for Market Research and Analysis

YES – Poland is Europe’s leading manufacturer of windows and doors – a leader in the woodwork market. What makes customers order windows from Poland? Is price the main and only reason? After all, they certainly have offers from local carpenters and joinery manufacturers. Price is important, but it is not the only thing that creates such interest in Polish windows and doors.

We are presenting some relevant information that will surely convince you that Polish products deserve to be called the best in the world. This applies to woodwork regardless of its design and the material from which it is made – aluminum, wood, or steel. Choose a Window Manufacturer from Poland.

The graphic shows the production of joinery in the EU’s Central and Eastern European countries from 2016 to 2017. Amounts in EUR billion. Source: https://poid.eu/2018/07/27/polska-produkcja-stolarki-otworowej-w-czolowce-krajow-europejskich/, ASM – Center for Market Research and Analysis

Availability of diverse designs

Manufacturing technology still does not cease to surprise us. Each year brings innovations that prove it is always possible to manufacture products in a better, cheaper, and faster way. Modern trends mix with tradition which allows us to renovate historic buildings preserving their original look.

We offer a wide range of historic wooden windows, where the multitude of solutions and ornaments make this product difficult and demanding but undeniably beautiful.

Our historic wooden windows are manufactured on special orders according to the precise guidelines of the conservator. Although by design they are equivalent to the constructions of previous eras, they guarantee the best qualities of thermal insulation, heat transfer, and acoustic insulation. They are also specially protected in a professional manner, which contributes to their durability and resistance.

Impressive performance and attractive prices

Windows and doors have a very important and responsible task. Whether they are installed in private homes and apartments, or offices and production facilities, they need to have good sound and thermal insulation, protect the building against attempted break-ins, and isolate the property’s interior from the conditions outside.

It does not surprise, then, that customers prefer to invest in high-quality solutions that have been recognized and confirmed by certificates that comply with EU standards. Polish doors and windows from reputable manufacturers meet the strictest EU standards while maintaining a relatively low price (compared to products manufactured elsewhere).

Polish woodwork manufacturers focus on the customers they are closest to. Given the specific weather conditions prevailing in Poland throughout the year (from high to low temperatures and frequent precipitation mixed with plenty of sunshine), windows and doors must have a low heat transfer coefficient. This, in turn, has an impact on energy efficiency, which leads to lower electricity and heating bills and less pollution.

The quality of the raw materials is very important. Poland is famous for its high-quality wood and rich forest resources, which is why Polish joinery products can meet the expectations of the most demanding users. Polish wooden windows and doors are of most interest to customers.

Getting better every year? We can prove it

The woodwork industry is getting bigger and bigger with an almost 11% increase in the value of Polish window and door exports to other EU countries in 2018. Despite the forecasts of specialists indicating a possible slowdown in demand, the year 2019 (as we read in the material presented by Muratorplus.pl) was as good as the previous one for Polish manufacturers.

In 2019, we recorded a leap in sales value of about 6.2% over the previous season. It can be considered a remarkable result that suggests we can make optimistic forecasts for the future.

According to ASM-Center for Market Research and Analysis, based on data from the Central Statistical Office (CSO), the value of Polish woodwork exports, increased from €300 million in 2004, to €1150 million in 2013. This shows an extremely fast dynamics of this sector of the economy.

The graphic shows the structure of Poland’s transportation value by product group – windows, doors, gates, and doorsteps.
Source: https://poid.eu/2018/03/09/polska-niezmiennie-liderem-eksportu-wsrod-krajow-ue/, ASM – Center for Market Research and Analysis

According to a report presented by Poid.eu, the total value of joinery in the European Union in 2017 was EUR 7,854.2 million. Polish manufacturers were responsible for 22.3% of this result at the time, which gives EUR 1,751 million. In 2018, Poland exported products worth about EUR 1,980 million.

The graphic shows the largest woodwork exporters among EU countries in 2018. Amounts in EUR million.
Source: https://www.drewno.pl/artykuly/11401,stolarka-budowlana-polska-najwiekszym-eksporterem-w-europie.html, ASM – Center for Market Research and Analysis

Over the years 2019 and 2020, Polish joinery manufacturers have managed to raise this result by another percentage point. Unfortunately, only the first quarter of 2020 was satisfactory for them. April of 2020 closed with a 30% drop – compared to the previous two quarters of 2019.

At the beginning of 2020, the world was paralyzed by the pandemic. People around the world focused on more important issues than building investments. Fortunately, the economy is returning to normal. Although analysts at Santander Bank Poland predicted larger sales declines, there is a real chance that exports will return to satisfactory levels sooner than we expected.

Why is there such a big increase in sales?

We have described the value for money aspect of Polish doors and windows. However, we should also not forget about the BPP (the Industry Promotion Programme). It has been in operation since 2012 and is run by, among others, the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with companies producing wooden windows and doors.

The main idea of the BPP is to promote Polish products abroad and show that Polish products are capable of offering everything the customer expects or requires. Subsidies for marketing and advertising have brought impressive results. Follow in the footsteps of many of our satisfied customers and buy woodwork for your home and business from a Polish window and door manufacturer.

What will the future bring? While it is not worth assuming the worst-case scenario, it is important to remember that there are many unpredictable events. However, we can speculate that the market will stabilize the level of sales, which will fall for a while or slow down significantly. There may be many reasons for this, and they will not necessarily be related to the actions of manufacturers.

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