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Oiled solid oak floors from Poland

Timeless and durable

Oak floors

Unique and elegant solid oak floors. Durable and long-lasting. Wooden floors are an exceptional addition to your home thanks to their warm and appealing natural wood grain patterns.

Beautiful in every inch

Oak is known for its durability, strenght and resistance to wear. We offer oiled solid wood floorboards that retain the natural look of oak.

Choose high-quality wooden floors that will make your home look warm and cozy. The actual colour of the floor is dependent on the oil used.

The thickness of the board ranges from 19mm to 22mm.

Custom made floors designed individually
to meet your needs!

Projekt architektoniczny - na zamówienie

Our solid oak floors are customized and produced on individual order. You will get a product that meets your needs – in your chosen colour and finish.

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